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About Burgundy

The name Burgundy resounds through history, from the arrival of the tribe of the Burgondes in the 5th century, to the magnificent Duchy a millennium later, to the modern region with its wonderful wines.

The French distinguish between la Bourgogne – the place – and le Bourgogne, the wine. Our website is dedicated to the latter.

Burgundy could seem so simple: one main grape for the whites, chardonnay, and one for the reds, pinot noir. But as we find ourselves saying time and again. “It’s not as simple as that”.

In one sense it is all about the vineyards, but it is also all about the people. The great wines give you the sense of place, from the exact spot on which the grapes were grown, be it village, 1er Cru or Grand Cru. They also give you the magical touch of the winemaker – not too much of his or her technique but a taste of the vigneron’s individual temperament translated into their wine.

And there are so many wines to choose from! It is this complexity that we hope to unravel at Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy.

The Regions (North to South)

To which some would add Beaujolais (not included in the statistics below)

The Classifications

  • Grand Cru
  • 1er Cru
  • Village
  • Regional wines

A few statistics:

  • 84 Appellations (after a recent reconfiguration)
  • 29,000 ha (6% of French AOC vineyards)
  • 1.34 million hectolitres (= about 1.5 million cases of wine) average harvest
  • 61% white, 28% red and 11% sparkling

Latest News from Burgundy

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    Burgundy Domaine Updates
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Inside Burgundy - The book and e-books

Inside Burgundy has been a critical and sales success ever since first publication in 2010. It is at once personal and encyclopaedic, offering detailed knowledge gained over decades allied to insights into the places – and above all the people – that make Burgundy so special.

As I read I feel that Jasper is acting as my trusted guide through the complexities of this wonderful region. I think he really understands Burgundy – he ‘gets’ it.

– Jamie Good, The Wine Anorak

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