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  • Aligoté Fest
    Aligoté Fest
    Event Date: 27/08/2020 Pay attention at the back – Aligoté is coming to town! No longer the grape relegated to receiving a slug of crème de cassis to make a vin blanc Kir, Aligoté has taken the wine world by storm in the last two years. The younger generation of vignerons have started to produce some truly exciting...
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  • 2014 White Horizontal
    2014 White Horizontal
    Event Date: 24/08/2020 Once in a while a vintage comes along which stands out just that little bit more. It is not always so obvious for white Burgundy, but a clear favourite for the vintage of the last decade in white must be: 2014! Modest (plus) in red but magical in white, 2014 has already provided much enjoyment,...
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  • Understanding Corton
    Understanding Corton
    Event Date: 20/08/2020 If ever there was a misunderstood appellation in Burgundy, it must be Corton. So much wine classified as Grand Cru, so many different styles. Much of it is very good wine, not all of it deserves to be Grand Cru. But if you study the appellation in detail, you will find the wine to suit...
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  • Grand Crus of Morey St-Denis
    Grand Crus of Morey St-Denis
    Event Date: 13/08/2020 Time to take a good look at the very best of Morey St Denis. Two wines from Clos de la Roche will face two from Clos St Denis: will producer or terroir lead the way? The two grand crus are intertwined but typically show quite different characters. Just as fascinating is the rivalry between Clos...
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  • Pouilly-Fuissé
    Event Date: 06/08/2020 The most dynamic white wine appellation in Burgundy at the moment is Pouilly-Fuissé. There has been a surge in the number of top flight producers at work, perhaps encouraged by the up-coming classification of 1ers crus. I take us through the characteristics of the different villages, which make up the appellation, outline which vineyards are...
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  • Top White Burgundy – Montrachet & friends
    Top White Burgundy – Montrachet & friends
    Event Date: 30/07/2020 I lead us through each of the different Montrachet grands crus, each with its own character as decided by its place on the slope and what is going on below the ground. We delve into the detail of vintage and vigneron distinctions to complete this overview of White Burgundy’s finest hillside. The session is rounded...
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  • JMIB Live: Reviewing Burgundy En Primeur Pricing Dynamics for 2019
    JMIB Live: Reviewing Burgundy En Primeur Pricing Dynamics for 2019
    Event Date: 29/08/2020 Burgundy 2019 is already gaining a lot attention, despite en primeur being ~5 months away. Nevertheless, we should take a deep look into the topic of pricing, which has become a significant area of focus for both merchants and customers. Join me for an exclusive review of Burgundy en primeur pricing! 4pm UK 11am EST...
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  • JMIB Live: Reviewing the Southern Côte de Nuits
    JMIB Live: Reviewing the Southern Côte de Nuits
    Event Date: 22/08/2020 This is the final part of this series. I will be reviewing the Southern Côte de Nuits, including the villages of Chambolle Musigny, Vougeot, Flagey-Echézeaux, Vosne Romanée and Nuits-Saint-Georges. We will review the greats, the rising stars, and up and coming producers to watch out for. Tune in by registering! 4pm UK 11am EST /...
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  • Gevrey Clos St-Jacques in 2017
    Gevrey Clos St-Jacques in 2017
    Event Date: 23/07/2020 Whenever the question is asked: Which 1er Cru vineyards in Burgundy might be promoted to Grand Cru? Gevrey-Chambertin Clos St-Jacques is always cited among the very first names due for promotion. What makes it even more intriguing is that there are just 5 producers, and their holdings all run up and down the slope parallel...
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  • Magnificent Meursault
    Magnificent Meursault
    Event Date: 13/07/2020 Meursault may not have any grands crus to its name, but this favourite white Burgundy village is chock full of star producers. In this webinar, I led us through a line-up that covers the three finest 1ers crus and a magical array of the finest producers inside and outside the village. Wine Samples: 2010 Domaine...
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  • JMIB Live: Chablis and Mâconnais
    JMIB Live: Chablis and Mâconnais
    Event Date: 12/07/2020 With Cote d’Or prices sometimes a little too rich, it is time to explore the north and south of Burgundy for world class Chardonnay at affordable prices. Chablis, Pouilly-Fuissé and the Mâconnais are all exciting, happening places at the moment. Join us for an in-depth discussion of the latest news. 4pm UK 11am EST /...
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  • Hospices de Beaune
    Hospices de Beaune
    Event Date: 06/07/2020 Ludivine Griveau, Regisseur (General Manager) at the Hospices de Beaune since 2015, is one of Burgundy’s finest talents. With a wealth of experience and an abundance of stories to share, join Ludivine and Jasper Morris MW as they present six classic wines from this classic icon of the Burgundian wine scene. In this webinar, we...
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  • The New Generation in Burgundy
    The New Generation in Burgundy
    Event Date: 01/07/2020 For so many years the “new generation” of exciting young Burgundians at the helm of their family domaine meant the likes of Dominique Lafon, Etienne Grivot, Ghislaine Barthod, Louis Boillot and co. Now, in turn, it is time for them to be thinking of handing on the baton. We invited Léa and Pierre Lafon, Mathilde...
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  • JMIB Live: Reviewing the Côte d’Or Whites
    JMIB Live: Reviewing the Côte d’Or Whites
    Event Date: 05/07/2020 This is No. 4 in the JMIB series covering the vineyards and vignerons of Burgundy in this age of global warming. On this occasion we take a look at the white wine vineyards of the Côte d’Or: Which villages and vineyards are coming more into focus in these hotter vintages? Which may be suffering? Who...
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  • The Grand Crus of Chambertin
    The Grand Crus of Chambertin
    Event Date: 25/06/2020 Chambertin and Clos de Bèze have established their positions at the top of the grand cru hierarchy, but: What of the satellite grands crus? Are they all up to the mark? What are their individual characteristics? Who makes the best in each of them? Aided by six samples from a range of top producers, I...
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  • JMIB Live: Great Reds of Côte de Beaune
    JMIB Live: Great Reds of Côte de Beaune
    Event Date: 27/06/2020 Following on from our successful webinar discussing the northern half of the Côte de Nuits, we continue with the great red wine vineyards of the Côte de Beaune, including Corton, Beaune, Pommard and Volnay, while touching on some of the more rarely seen appellations which may be enjoying a boost under the warmer conditions. Throughout...
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  • In Conversation with Benjamin Leroux
    In Conversation with Benjamin Leroux
    Event Date: 18/06/2020 Benjamin Leroux is one of the new generation Burgundian winemakers, who has made a big impression in a relatively short time. Benjamin, the gifted manager/winemaker of Domaine Comte Armand launched his own label with the 2007 vintage and works from a brand-new winery in the centre of Beaune (just off the Boulevard) that he shares...
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  • JMIB Live: Reviewing the Sweet Spots: Gevrey-Chambertin & the Northern Côte de Nuits
    JMIB Live: Reviewing the Sweet Spots: Gevrey-Chambertin & the Northern Côte de Nuits
    Event Date: 20/06/2020 This zoom webinar will look at recent developments in each of the villages from Morey-St-Denis to Marsannay, predict which vineyards are the new sweet spots and evaluate the producers to follow: Who has raised their game to a new level? Who might be the ones to watch in the near future? This is the first...
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  • Bonneau du Martray
    Bonneau du Martray
    Event Date: 15/06/2020 Myths about Corton-Charlemagne abound, but it is accepted that part of the vineyard did once belong to Charlemagne, King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor, reformer of education, father of Western Europe and famously, a wine lover… Almost unique among Burgundy growers for only producing grand cru wines, Domaine Bonneau du Martray owns 11 hectares...
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  • Biodynamic Burgundy
    Biodynamic Burgundy
    Event Date: 11/06/2020 Is this the new mainstream? Or are biodynamic practitioners “Out where the buses don’t run”? Certainly a number of cult domaines have espoused this philosophy of grape growing and winemaking. To talk us through how the biodynamic movement has developed in Burgundy, I have selected six wines from among the most noted producers, so we...
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  • Outstanding White Burgundy: 6 of The Very Best 1er Crus
    Outstanding White Burgundy: 6 of The Very Best 1er Crus
    Event Date: 05/06/2020 With only Corton-Charlemagne and the Montrachets in the grand cru bracket, we need to test out the options among the finest 1ers crus which can often be just as rewarding and rather better value for money. We have selected one wine from each of six villages – including a rarity from the Côte de Nuits...
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  • JMIB Live: The Premature Oxidation Phenomenon
    JMIB Live: The Premature Oxidation Phenomenon
    Event Date: 06/06/2020 This is the first zoom event being offered under the JMIB banner. It is the first part of a series looking at some of the crucial themes in Burgundy. There are no wines to be tasted except what you choose to open alongside, nor interviews with producers enthusing about the joys of their own wines....
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  • 2015 Red Burgundy: Where Does It Rank in the Hall of Fame?
    2015 Red Burgundy: Where Does It Rank in the Hall of Fame?
    Event Date: 23/05/2020 2015 is certainly a candidate for an ‘All Time Great’ rating. But just how good are the red wines of Burgundy in 2015? Do they combine the power of 2005 with the grace of 2010? Do they have the potential to develop extra depth and layers of flavour with age. To try to answer these...
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  • With or Without Stems
    With or Without Stems
    Event Date: 09/05/2020 Red Burgundy: To destem or not to destem, that is the question. The latest in our line of top level Burgundy webinars will review three pairs of wines with each pair showing differing approaches to the complex question of what to put in your fermentation tanks: just the berries or the whole bunch of grapes, stems...
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  • Chablis
    Event Date: 02/05/2020 Chablis is a gem, known to many but ignored by many more. Maybe the sea of mass market Chablis – and indeed misrepresentations of Chablis over the years – has hidden from view the joy which this region can bring, in authentic hands. Though we shall discuss Chablis as a whole, from Petit Chablis to...
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  • The Future of Burgundy
    The Future of Burgundy
    Event Date: 21/04/2020 With the 2018 vintage suggesting for the first time that Global Warming might be causing some real problems in the time ahead if intelligent steps are not taken on the viticulture front, this zoom webinar investigates which parts of Burgundy might do well under warmer conditions, and who the young stars of the future might...
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