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JMIB Tasting Reports

The core of this website is the vast and growing library of Jasper Morris’s ‘Tasting Reports’. Each has a theme – a vintage, a vineyard, a producer (see below). New ‘Tasting Reports’ are published regularly: subscribers are notified. The ‘Tasting Reports’ contribute a steady flow of new tasting notes to the Wine Database. For more, see “An introduction to Tasting Reports”.

All wines are given both a point score and a star rating: A full explanation can be found by clicking on “An Introduction to Tasting Notes” below.

Vintage Overview Reports (1990-2019)

To accompany my new book: Inside Burgundy – The Second Edition, vintage overview reports from 1990 to 2019 are free for all to read. Click here or use the right hand side “Vintage” drop down menu to navigate through the 30 vintages overviews.

Recent Reports

  • 2007 Vintage Overview
    2007 Vintage Overview
    2007 I overheard a Frenchman saying to his friend at the Gare du Lyon in August 2007: ‘Do you know, we haven’t had a single...
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  • 2006 Vintage Overview
    2006 Vintage Overview
    2006 It is tough to follow on from a ‘vintage of the century’ such as 2005. Some have ignored the qualities of the follow-on vintage...
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  • 2005 Vintage Overview
    2005 Vintage Overview
    2005 For years I used to discuss the potential of a good new red- burgundy vintage with Dominique Lafon, and we would say ‘yes, that’s...
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  • 2004 Vintage Overview
    2004 Vintage Overview
    2004 This vintage has a much better reputation for its white wines than for its reds. I do not think it is a great white...
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  • 2003 Vintage Overview
    2003 Vintage Overview
    2003 This was the freak vintage of a lifetime – or at least we must hope that global warming does not turn this into the...
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  • 2002 Vintage Overview
    2002 Vintage Overview
    2002 This has always been a favourite of Burgundy professionals. The whites are fine and crisp, and show their vineyard characteristics. Those comments go for...
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  • 2001 Vintage Overview
    2001 Vintage Overview
    2001 This vintage has escaped my recollection more than any other. It is not a bad year, though evidently not outstanding either, but I have...
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  • 2000 Vintage Overview
    2000 Vintage Overview
    2000 Wearing my merchant’s hat at the time, I was quite relieved that some of the lustre of Bordeaux’s 2000 vintage rubbed off on burgundy,...
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  • 1999 Vintage Overview
    1999 Vintage Overview
    1999 Modest in Bordeaux but a banner year for Burgundy: 1999 is the antithesis of 2000. A large crop set, but ripened easily. For once...
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