JMIB tasting reports

The core activity of our Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy website is the provision of Tasting Reports. Each one of these provides an interesting narrative in its own right, while also populating the database which is growing all the time, and from which at any time you can check up on the current rating of any wine of interest. The Tasting Reports themselves come in various guises and this is fully explained below in “An introduction to Tasting Reports”.

JMIB Tasting Notes

All wines are given both a point score and a star rating: A full explanation can be found by clicking on “An Introduction to Tasting Notes” below.

Recent Reports

  • 2018: The Vintage Report (Côte de Nuits)
    2018: The Vintage Report (Côte de Nuits)
    This report on the 2018 vintage as produced by the vignerons of the Côte de Nuits covers 80 producers and 1,000 different wines, a really...
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  • 2018: The Vintage Report (Introduction)
    2018: The Vintage Report (Introduction)
    2018 Expectations What to expect from the white and red wines this year, and the market-place. The 2018 Growing Season & Harvest How the weather...
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  • 2018: The Vintage Report (Chablis)
    2018: The Vintage Report (Chablis)
    Chablis: The 2018 Vintage Weather conditions in Chablis were even drier than elsewhere in Burgundy: Just 10mm of rain across the summer months. Growers were...
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  • Enigma Variations on a Ponsot Theme
    Enigma Variations on a Ponsot Theme
    A group of wine lovers met recently at the new Dalloyau restaurant in Hong Kong to enjoy some of Domaine Ponsot’s grands crus from key...
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  • Domaine Raveneau Vertical
    Domaine Raveneau Vertical
    I have a feeling that the two ‘classical’ domaines, Raveneau and Dauvissat are currently drawing apart in style, but for much of my drinking life...
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  • Domaine Direct
    Domaine Direct
    One of London’s leading Burgundy importers is chary of the annual En Primeur frenzy. Instead, once the wines have been bottled, they put on a...
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  • Exploring the red wines of the Côte de Beaune
    Exploring the red wines of the Côte de Beaune
    The purpose of this tasting was to run through the main red wine villages of the Côte de Beaune, taking a leading 1er cru vineyard...
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  • Meursault Masterclass
    Meursault Masterclass
    It is not often that a tasting does everything that you want it to do. The purpose of this evening at 67 Pall Mall in...
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  • A Tale of 3 Burgundian Châteaux
    A Tale of 3 Burgundian Châteaux
    There is a talking point behind this: the authorities have drawn the attention of the proprietors of those Châteaux which bear the name of their...
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