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Latest News from Burgundy

  • An Introduction to the 2019 Burgundy Vintage
    An Introduction to the 2019 Burgundy Vintage
    Hosted by myself and Stannary Wine’s Burgundy Buyer, Jason Haynes. I provide exclusive insight into the 2019 Burgundy vintage. My 2019 tasting notes will be available shortly. Stay tuned! Watch...
    Read more
  • Wine Lister’s 2020 Burgundy Study
    Wine Lister’s 2020 Burgundy Study
    JMIB is delighted to introduce WINE LISTER’s 2020 Burgundy Study, with a topical introduction by Jasper. This survey shows a really valuable light on how the leading producers and appellations...
    Read more
  • Hospices de Beaune 2020 – Tasting Notes
    Hospices de Beaune 2020 – Tasting Notes
    If tasting young wines from barrel shortly before they are bottled is already a challenge, the prospect of tasting 50 brand new wines just a few weeks after the latest...
    Read more
  • October 2020
    October 2020
    As September gives way to October, late summer has definitely turned into a windswept autumn, with much cooler weather, high winds and all the rainfall, which we missed through the...
    Read more
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