En Primeur Barrel Tastings

These are conducted at the domaines between September and December in the year following the vintage. The wines may still be in barrel, or tank, or recently bottled and will not be tasted blind. A range of scores will be given if the wine has not yet been assembled for bottling, or a single score if the wine has been bottled. The complete report with notes on the growing seasons and comments on how each appellation has performed will be released on 31st December. Further tasting notes may be added during the following six months.


The Burgfest Tastings

The Burgfest Tastings of the principal 1ers and Grands Crus take place three years after the vintage, with the whites tasted in May and the reds in September. The wines are sourced from the producers and tasted blind against their immediate peers. The wines are decanted into neutral carafes and served blind in short flights of single or neighbouring vineyards.


The 10 Year On & 20 Year on Tastings

10 Year On and 20 Year On Tastings are held (together) in June of the appropriate year. The wines are sourced from the producers and are not served blind, so examples of the same wines in the market place may not have the same provenance.


Producer Verticals

Producer Verticals may be instigated by the producers themselves or be the result of tastings and dinners assembled by reliable collectors or our own efforts. The background to the tasting will be explained in each case in the introductory remarks. These wines are not usually tasted blind.


Vineyard Focus

Vineyard Focus tastings will cover a specific vineyard and multiple producers, either in a vertical or a horizontal format, teasing out the character of the vineyard in question while establishing who are the key performers.

Recent Reports

  • 2019 Vintage continued: Further tastings in Gevrey-Chambertin and Brochon
    2019 Vintage continued: Further tastings in Gevrey-Chambertin and Brochon
    This report looks at the 2019 vintage from producers in Gevrey-Chambertin and Brochon, wineries which I was not able to visit during the intensive October-November...
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  • Discovering the wines of the Grand Auxerrois
    Discovering the wines of the Grand Auxerrois
    Whenever I head up to Chablis, I get tempted to visit the satellite vineyards of the Yonne, but alas do not always have time to...
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  • Vintage Overview Reports (1990-2019)
    Vintage Overview Reports (1990-2019)
    To accompany my new book: Inside Burgundy - The Second Edition, I have prepared vintage overview reports from 1990 to 2019 that are free for...
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  • 2019 Vintage Overview
    2019 Vintage Overview
    2019 The second of the trio (to date!) of hot dry vintages, 2019 is currently considered as the most successful for reds except where alcoholic...
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  • 2018 Vintage Overview
    2018 Vintage Overview
    2018 “Vintage of the century!” cried the growers in Chablis when I visited the following spring, but on closer questioning they were referring more to...
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  • 2017 Vintage Overview
    2017 Vintage Overview
    2017 The first key fact about 2017 was the return to normal, even quite generous volumes. This really mattered for those vignerons in the Côte...
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  • 2016 Vintage Overview
    2016 Vintage Overview
    2016 The headline story for 2016 was the catastrophe of the spring frost which so badly damaged the potential for the vintage in volume terms....
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  • 2015 Vintage Overview
    2015 Vintage Overview
    2015 The vintage has earned a great reputation for the red wines. It has almost the concentration of 2005 allied to the sensuality of 2010,...
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  • 2014 Vintage Overview
    2014 Vintage Overview
    2014 In 2014 Burgundy experienced a relatively cool summer and a reasonably early harvest, but without extremes in either case. More pertinently for consumers, 2014...
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