[Bottled in China]: The History and Future of Burgundy with Jasper Morris MW October 26th, 2022

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EPISODE SUMMARY (Read the full article on ‘Bottled in China’)

“For the first time, the latest annual Power 100 list features Burgundy more than Bordeaux among its ranking of the most powerful wines. This change indicates the increased popularity of Burgundy and implores us to assess its effects on the world of wine. Join us in today’s podcast episode as we dive into Burgundy’s past, present, and future with acclaimed wine critic and expert Jasper Morris. We’ll dissect winemaking and production as well as potential wine system adaptations. Most significantly, however, we will explore the reasons behind Burgundy’s escalation in demand and the subsequent repercussions on the wine market.

A little bit about Bottled in China: BIC has a global audience with over 800,000 listeners – USA represents ~28% of listeners, China represents ~25%, then equally split UK, Canada, and Australia. Our audience is typically highly engaged wine and drink enthusiasts working in the trade, or those that identify themselves as “foodies”.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

Learn more about ‘Bottled in China: https://www.bottledinchina.com/about

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