Inside Burgundy 2.0 – The Book October 31st, 2021

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The Second Edition: Expanded and Completely Revised

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Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy: The vineyards, the wine and the people has been the benchmark reference on Burgundy s wines, winemakers and vineyards since its first publication in 2010.

Now, for a new decade, Jasper Morris and BB&R Press are releasing the Second Edition: 150 pages longer, completely revised and with expanded coverage.

Inside Burgundy is at once personal and encyclopaedic, offering detailed insider knowledge gained over decades allied to insights into the places and above all the people that make Burgundy so special. In the new edition, Jasper Morris describes more than 1,200 vineyards and 300 wine villages, and profiles and appraises some 700 domaines.

Every entry on vineyards, villages and producers has been revised and updated. Many more domaines have their vineyards listed, and nearly all vineyards have growers listed an invaluable, and unique, insight into who makes which wine from where.

Coverage of the regions where Burgundy remains affordable is notably enhanced: Chablis, the Côte Chalonnaise, the Mâconnais and the Hautes Côtes de Beaune a nd Nuits.

All the existing maps, which give unmatched insights into Burgundy’s complex network of vineyards and villages, are updated, improved and in several cases extended. New ones which include six maps showing plot by plot holdings in individual Gr and and Premier Cru vineyards have been added.

There is fresh and fascinating material on the growing season and the changing climate, and on the ways viticulture and winemaking are changing even in tradition loving Burgundy.

This new edition has 800 pages 150 pages longer than the first with 45 full colour maps that show individual vineyards.

Click here to see our list of international stockists to buy your copy of Inside Burgundy – The Second Edition.

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