Management changes in Morey-St-Denis March 24th, 2019

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I have mixed feelings about the news from Morey-St-Denis.

Happy for Jacques Devauges who recently left Clos de Tart and has now been appointed to manage Clos des Lambrays next door.

Sad for Boris Champy who has left after just one year in charge. I have not yet had a chance to assess his 2018, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for holding a wonderful vertical tasting of Clos des Lambrays back to 1918, last summer. My report on this is imminent.

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    Dear Jasper,

    After having bought your excellent book INSIDE BURGUNDY (is a new edition soon due?) I subscribed to your newsletter. Very intersting. I see you have a system somewhat similiar to what CLIVE COATES did in THE VINe with reports after the harvest, 3 years after bottling, 10 years. Excellent


    Where does the change leave CLOS de TART with the new manager already gone. The wine has become very expensive so it came as a shock to learn about the managerial problems.


    • Jasper Morris says:

      Hi Johan
      Thanks for your comment and apologies for slow reply during the harvest. The 2019 grapes are looking good.
      The new manager was appointed under the old ownership, shortly after which Clos de TART was sold to the Artemis group who also have Domaine d’EUGENIE in Burgundy (as well as Chateau LATOUR. I am assume ng that their philosophy and that of Jacques DEVAUGES were not quite the same, so Jacques left for the top job at the estate next door. I would not read anything more than that into his departure.


    It came as a shock to me finding out that CLOS de TARTs brand new mana

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