Happy Easter April 10th, 2020


Easter Pasque Flower

Happy Easter!

Here in Burgundy we have lived through three weeks of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. But there has been quite a difference. Now it feels like the start of the summer, since the wind moved round to the south a week ago. The two weeks before that were another matter with a cold wind blowing down from the north, and freezing temperatures every morning, at least in our garden. The image is of an Easter ‘pasque’ flower, taken on the cliff top which overlooks our house.

I was worried for the growers, since the vegetative cycle had got off to an early start, especially for the chardonnay. However, a check round a number of my regular correspondents suggested that though it had come very close, there was no significant frost damage. This year it has been decided that there will be no straw burning (doubts as to its effectiveness – ecologically unsound – problems with social distancing) but many more producers have bought ‘bougies’ the pots which can be lit to warm the air around the vines , or even small scale wind turbines to disturb freezing air. I would not be surprised if the protracted cold period has not done some fringe damage, but at least, for the time being, a major disaster has been averted. Another three nervous weeks to go….

Meanwhile, as I catch up with the backlog of reports to file (nearly there!) I am planning to follow up with a series on recent vintages and what is good to drink at the moment. Stay with the program!

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