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Documentary: Wine Tech | Burgundy Élevage

Event Date: January 19, 2022 6:00pm (UK Time)

Let the lesson begin, with the scholarly Jasper Morris MW delivering Illuminating and essential viewing as he visits three of Burgundy’s finest vignerons to unpick élevage.

Appropriated from the farming world where it roughly translates as as breeding or raising, in the wine cellar it’s a catch-all term which covers the processes undertaken – and decisions made – by a winemaker as they take gawky, just-fermented wine and lead it by the hand through its schooling, adolescence and maturation to the point of bottling.

This maze can make or break a wine and necessitates a deft touch, acute technical judgement and often a sixth sense. At the very least, you’re certain to learn that great wine isn’t made in the vineyard alone.

Click here to watch the episode: Documentary : Wine Tech | Burgundy Élevage

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