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  • Outstanding White Burgundy: 6 of The Very Best 1er Crus
    Outstanding White Burgundy: 6 of The Very Best 1er Crus
    Event Date: 05/06/2020 With only Corton-Charlemagne and the Montrachets in the grand cru bracket, we need to test out the options among the finest 1ers crus which can often be just as rewarding and rather better value for money. We have selected one wine from each of six villages – including a rarity from the Côte de Nuits...
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  • JMIB Live: The Premature Oxidation Phenomenon
    JMIB Live: The Premature Oxidation Phenomenon
    Event Date: 06/06/2020 This is the first zoom event being offered under the JMIB banner. It is the first part of a series looking at some of the crucial themes in Burgundy. There are no wines to be tasted except what you choose to open alongside, nor interviews with producers enthusing about the joys of their own wines....
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  • 2015 Red Burgundy: Where Does It Rank in the Hall of Fame?
    2015 Red Burgundy: Where Does It Rank in the Hall of Fame?
    Event Date: 23/05/2020 2015 is certainly a candidate for an ‘All Time Great’ rating. But just how good are the red wines of Burgundy in 2015? Do they combine the power of 2005 with the grace of 2010? Do they have the potential to develop extra depth and layers of flavour with age. To try to answer these...
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  • With or Without Stems
    With or Without Stems
    Event Date: 09/05/2020 Red Burgundy: To destem or not to destem, that is the question. The latest in our line of top level Burgundy webinars will review three pairs of wines with each pair showing differing approaches to the complex question of what to put in your fermentation tanks: just the berries or the whole bunch of grapes, stems...
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  • Chablis
    Event Date: 02/05/2020 Chablis is a gem, known to many but ignored by many more. Maybe the sea of mass market Chablis – and indeed misrepresentations of Chablis over the years – has hidden from view the joy which this region can bring, in authentic hands. Though we shall discuss Chablis as a whole, from Petit Chablis to...
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  • The Future of Burgundy
    The Future of Burgundy
    Event Date: 21/04/2020 With the 2018 vintage suggesting for the first time that Global Warming might be causing some real problems in the time ahead if intelligent steps are not taken on the viticulture front, this zoom webinar investigates which parts of Burgundy might do well under warmer conditions, and who the young stars of the future might...
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