As a young man of 18 Jean-Claude Boisset started trading in a few wines. Three years later he bought his first piece of vineyard land, Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles,  though it needed planting and clearing. These vines today form part of Domaine de la Vougeraie. Meanwhile the merchant side of the business kept growing at an astonishing pace, to the extent that in 1985 Maison Jean-Claude Boisset became the first Burgundy négociant to be listed on the stock exchange. There have been forays into wine businesses in other parts of the world, notably California and Canada, with son Jean-Charles Boisset and daughter Nathalie Bergès-Boisset increasingly at the helm.

Over the decades Boisset has taken over a host of other Burgundian businesses which have failed to be as competitive as the new kid on the block. Various of these acquisitions brought with them vineyard holdings which were amalgamated in 1999 with the Boisset family vineyards. Up to that point they had been known as Domaine Claudine Deschamps, based in Premeaux just south of Nuits-St- Georges. The new domaine was christened Domaine de la Vougeraie, described below.

Wines under the Jean-Claude Boisset négociant label used to be dismissed as being of modest quality, suited to large-scale and price-conscious distribution, but a change in philosophy and the appointment of Grégory Patriat as winemaker in 2002 have brought these wines into the mainstream of high-quality products. This has been followed by the building of a no-expenses-spared winery in Nuits-St-Georges, the roof being covered in earth and planted up with Chasselas vines of different colours.

The vineyards in the Boisset empire go to the Domaine de la Vougeraie. Under the Jean-Claude Boisset label Grégory Patriat makes around 40 different négociant wines each year, of which two-thirds are red. Some stems are included if the plot allows it. They are not included in the lighter wines but for the remainder 50% are used. The reds are vinified without sulphur until after the malolactic fermentation. Chassin is the favoured barrel cooper for the red wines, a mix of Chassin and Rousseau for the whites.


Boisset-owned companies Founded Location Taken over
Charles Vienot 1735 Nuits 1982
Pierre Ponnelle 1875 Beaune 1982
Thomas Bassot 1850 Nuits 1982
Charles Gruber 1949 Nuits 1983
Lionel J Bruck 1807 Nuits 1983
P de Marcilly 1849 Nuits 1986
Morin 1822 Nuits 1987
Bouchard Ainé 1750 Beaune 1992
E Delaunay 1893 Nuits 1992
Jaffelin 1816 Beaune 1992
F Chauvenet 1853 Nuits 1993
Charles de Fère 1980 Nuits 1994
Chevalier 1920 Nuits 1994
Ropiteau Frères 1848 Meursault 1994
Cellier des Samsons 1984 Beaujolais 1996
Louis Violland 1910 Beaune 1996
J Moreau 1814 Chablis 1997
Louis Bouillot 1877 Nuits 1997
L’Héritier Guyot 1845 Nuits 1997
Mommessin 1865 Beaujolais 1997
Thorin 1843 Beaujolais 1997
Rodet 1875 Chalonnais 2009
Vincent Girardin Meursault 2011
Alex Gambal 1997 Beaune 2019
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