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JMIB Tasting Reports

The core of this website is the vast and growing library of Jasper Morris’s ‘Tasting Reports’. Each has a theme – a vintage, a vineyard, a producer (see below). New ‘Tasting Reports’ are published regularly: subscribers are notified. The ‘Tasting Reports’ contribute a steady flow of new tasting notes to the Wine Database. For more, see “An introduction to Tasting Reports”.

All wines are given both a point score and a star rating: A full explanation can be found by clicking on “An Introduction to Tasting Notes” below.

Vintage Overview Reports (1990-2019)

To accompany my new book: Inside Burgundy – The Second Edition, vintage overview reports from 1990 to 2019 are free for all to read. Click here or use the right hand side “Vintage” drop down menu to navigate through the 30 vintages overviews.

Recent Reports

  • 2016 Vintage Overview
    2016 Vintage Overview
    2016 The headline story for 2016 was the catastrophe of the spring frost which so badly damaged the potential for the vintage in volume terms....
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  • 2015 Vintage Overview
    2015 Vintage Overview
    2015 The vintage has earned a great reputation for the red wines. It has almost the concentration of 2005 allied to the sensuality of 2010,...
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  • 2014 Vintage Overview
    2014 Vintage Overview
    2014 In 2014 Burgundy experienced a relatively cool summer and a reasonably early harvest, but without extremes in either case. More pertinently for consumers, 2014...
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  • 2013 Vintage Overview
    2013 Vintage Overview
    2013 A very tricky vintage with an October harvest for the reds, some of which will be meagre – but there are also some wines...
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  • 2012 Vintage Overview
    2012 Vintage Overview
    2012 Something of a forgotten vintage, not written off as one of the failures, but a little overlooked as collectors concentrate on the big guns....
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  • 2011 Vintage Overview
    2011 Vintage Overview
    2011 This was the third harvest of the new century to begin in August – compared to only one per century in the previous few...
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  • 2010 Vintage Overview
    2010 Vintage Overview
    2010 The weather The winter was cold, exceptionally cold, with temperatures dropping below -20°Cshortly before Christmas. Dijon recorded its lowest-ever December temperature and children of...
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  • 2009 Vintage Overview
    2009 Vintage Overview
    2009 The hype which greeted the 2009 vintage in Bordeaux carried over to a lesser extent to Burgundy. Not necessarily by the producers or other...
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  • 2008 Vintage Overview
    2008 Vintage Overview
    2008 I nicknamed 2008 as the second Sarkozy summer (see 2007): it was another cool and frequently damp season during which the ground never warmed...
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